Friday, May 15, 2009

Scout Widow

It's a little ironic that Steve was called to be with the Scouts just before Danny turned 14. I don't mind it at all - except when it comes to camp outs. I wish the two groups would go on the same weekends - it would simplify laundry immensely.

Yes, Steve has a camp out tonight, and Danny doesn't.

Oh well. In two weeks the stars will align for Father and Sons camp out - and not only will Steve and Danny be going - but also Alex. I'd like to try and coerce Nathan into going too...but that seems a long shot.


OKTownsends said...

Looks like a Hanna in the picture, Brian maybe?
Maybe you could get them to stop at the laundromat on the way home.

Suzanne said...

The stars are tough to align.

Keira said...

My stars aligned.

And I love when Sinatra starts mugging as Martin. Great stuff.

m_perfect said...

They can all run computers, dvd players, comp a washer too tough?