Sunday, May 17, 2009

*Apocalypse* NOW

*the word apocalypse means "revelation" or "uncovering" in Greek.

Only 3 weeks left for seminary. 2 1/2 of those weeks will be spent on the "Revelation of St. John the Divine".

I'm a little nervous. And a little excited.

My class is definitely excited. As we work our way through the book, I've told them that we would do an illustrated version of it - and my class loves to draw. In fact, some of my students have already been calling "dibs" on certain passages. My challenge will be help them (and ME, while I'm at it) understand what the meanings behind the symbols are. Should be fun.


m_perfect said...

Do you remember sitting up and reading Revelations in that little motel in Florida with our cousin Debbie? I remember our inspiration then was when I turned on the bathroom light and the all the walls "moved". Yikes- it still gives me the shivers.

crashhanna said...

I remember sitting up with our feet well off the floor reading the only thing available - the bible from the nightstand. I didn't remember that it was the Book of Revelation.

Keira said...

Were you people raised by Okies?

Samurai Mom said...

Will you post your apocalypse discussions? I confess I am incredibly curious but too lazy to slug through revelations