Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fantasy Cast

I don't know too much about fantasy sports teams - I can't say it has ever really interested me much. After finishing watching the recent BBC/PBS version of "Little Dorrit" , I got to thinking about fantasy casting. Imagine the cast being made up of American actors...I know this is a stretch and I would truly hate it to actually be made - but what actors do you think represent certain characters? I came up with one:

Arthur Clennam - John Cusak (Serendipity, Better Off Dead) - he does a good job at being a quiet, nice guy. Plus he's around the right age.

I was talking to Marcy about the whole "fantasy cast" idea this morning - she suggested a more recognizable movie: Pride and Prejudice. I know, I know...Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy is about as much fantasy as one gal can take...but...who would you include in your fantasy casting of Pride and Prejudice? (no fair picking anyone who is already in a version of it). I'm going to ignore the whole British accent thing - after all, this is pure fantasy.
I think Hugh Jackman could pull off Mr. Darcy (think of him in Kate and Leopold..not as Wolverine) - he cleans up well.

I could almost see Jack Black as Mr. Collins. Mr. Collins has to be fairly ridiculous...I'm not sure if Mr. Black could do the "fairly" part...but I'm sure he could nail the ridiculous.

Who would you pick? Bring it on.


Keira said...

Jimmy Stewart could have made a great Edward Ferris.

m_perfect said...

While we are all pondering I chanced upon this little blog that looks like a lot of fun...

Go vote now!

m_perfect said...

ps Yes, Jimmy Stewart would have made a very endearing Edward Ferris.
and....there are links to other JA sites on this blog.

Stephanie said...

It's Edward Ferrars not Ferris (I was trying to figure out who you meant). Now that I've figured out who you meant, you're right Jimmy Stewart could have done it.

Keira said...

You can tell I haven't cracked open S and S in awhile--it isn't my fav.