Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

As always I hope everyone is doing alright still. I hope Kaith gets better soon and that the house doesn`t burn down.

This past week in the Kansai area there hasn`t been school because of the swine flu. The idea is that by not having school it won`t spread to new areas I think. Still the weather last week was great and kids all the way up to college students took advantage of it by going to the parks and having barbecues and stuff. Normal spring vacation type stuff.

We`ve visited the Kinoshita family a few more times over the past week. They`re doing good and came to church again. But there`s the question of whether they need baptism or not. That`s not a decision one makes lightly, the Bishop talked with them and asked us to talk with the Mission President. We`ll see how that goes. There`s actually another person in this area who wants baptism but can`t receive it. He`s from the Middle East I guess and doesn`t have a permanent Japanese Citizenship/residence so he could be forced to go back to the Middle East at some point in time. I guess it`s too dangerous for him (If he ended up going back to the Middle East) so we`re not allowed to baptize him until he gets a citizenship or something.

Oh yeah, I found out that two people I was teaching last transfer got baptized, back in Hirakata (my last area). I`m really happy to know that they both received baptism. I`m a little disappointed that my previous companion forgot to tell me so that I could go, but nothing I can do about that. I`ll have to get him to send me pictures though.

Good luck installing the new stove, is it gas or electric? I assume electric because there isn`t a gas pipe for you to use there from what I remember.

I don`t know if you ever go on google maps or anything to look at where I am but if you do here`s where I am right now.大阪府堺市西区津久野町 3-4-27Osaka-fu Sakai-shi Nishi-ku Tsukuno-machi 3-4-27

We live about 5 minutes away from the Sakai church and 15 minutes away from the Mikunigaoka building.


Elder West.

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