Thursday, May 7, 2009

The evolution of dinner

On my month-long menu I had planned to have chili last night for dinner. With cornbread.

On Monday we had the missionaries for dinner and I needed a side dish to go with hamburgers - so I grabbed 3 cans of chili, tarted them up a bit and served that with the hamburgers. They ate it all up. No leftovers. The only problem - I didn't want chili two days later.

Keira had posted a recipe for a sort of stroganoff/beef stewish thing. I had some stew meat in the bunker (freezer section) - so I thought I'd give it a whirl - instead of the chili. While I had the meat in the crockpot I started a batch of Sherri's Dutch Crunch bread (minus the "crunch") I shaped the dough into flattish rolls. I thought it would be nice to have some sandwich rolls on hand (for lunches).

One thing led to another - instead of making stroganoff like I planned, I dumped BBQ sauce on the meat. Viola. BBQ beef sandwiches. With soup.

Dinner wasn't what I had planned, but it was a success.


Suzanne said...

I got stuck on "tarted them up a bit". Great description, my sides hurt from laughing.

Keira said...

"tarted"--I'm with Suz. I'm dying here.

m_perfect said...

Is that "tart" as in "less sweet" or as in, "Hey baby, what's doin' on the Vegas Strip?!"