Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas favorites

Someone, somewhere messed up, 'cause I'm pretty sure my kids weren't nearly as good this year as their presents seem to indicate. I'm pretty sure that I wasn't that good either.

My top 3 favorite presents:

1. Phone call from Elder Nathan. Awesome dude.

2. I got a Nikon camera. I promise to sing "Kodachrome" at every available opportunity.

3. Opal necklace. I'm not much into jewelry, but I've always wanted an opal since I was a little girl and found out it was my birth stone.


Keira said...

Talked to Tia tonight--heard you were tech support to both of us this morning. A Christmas Miracle!

Have we never heard of Google?

Stephen said...

The camera was hard to find. I went bought and returned at least four cameras from Costco and spent a lot of time searching the web. She wanted a small camera, preferred Nikon and I wanted it to be a good one. When I finally figured out what camera to get it took a while to find a place that had it in stock. Nikon L12.

Suzanne said...

So you went small and digital and my hubbie went big and "old school'." He found a photo enlarger on Craig's List and we now have a dark room in our basement. If anyone has B&W film that they need developed and printed...