Monday, December 22, 2008

We've Got Mail.

No. The mail was NOT delivered to our mailbox. Steve went to the post office and asked for it. It was a surprisingly small bundle for this time of year and for the amount of days ...oh well, I feel a little more connected. I might try tomorrow - but only because Danny has an orthodontist appointment about 2 blocks from the post office. If I make it to our orthodontist office, I may as well hit the post office too.

I haven't driven for a week now - I pretty much avoid driving on icy roads around here, but I will just have to bite the bullet and give it a try tomorrow. I wish Danny's appointment was closer to noon (it's at 8:50 am) - it's supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow - maybe the roads would be a little better given a little more time.

We went out this evening and delivered Christmas goodies to several families. One family lives at the top of a long, slightly steep cul-de-sac. Danny took the treats up and the dad (Aaron) opened the door, then put his shoes on to come out to talk to us. First he asked us how we got up there....hmmm...we're sitting in our van, while it's running....hmm....then he warned us to be really careful going down because he had had trouble negotiating it in his four wheel drive Suburban. Then he asked us not to tell his kids that we had driven up there, because then they would think he was a snow wimp. We made it down just fine, and now we get to call Aaron a "snow wimp". Teasing. The gift that keeps on giving.


Suzanne said...

Yeah! You've got mail.

I hope the roads are passable today. I wouldn't want to have to start calling you a snow wimp. :)

crashhanna said...

You can call me a snow wimp...but not my husband.

I do plan on running a lot of last minute errands...we're supposed to get more snow tonight.

Keira said...

During the snow the car is dead to me...