Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa's Workshop

I had a flash of brilliance this morning. Brilliance.

Steve and I are pretty much done with Christmas shopping. Time to wrap presents. Usually I end up wrapping on my bed - which is not ideal - it's a too soft. My other option is on the floor in my office. These places have something in common. I have to do a lot of bending to wrap presents and I end up with an aching back.

Not this year. I have a six foot long folding table - I haven't bothered much with using the adjustable settings on the legs - but it does extend to counter height. Nice. No more bending, and I have a surface that's large enough for rolls of wrapping paper.


Cherry on top? It's snowing again outside - so it looks a lot more like Christmas than it usually does around here.


Suzanne said...

Genius! I must set mine up.

Keira said...

You know, I bring my folding table in for our Christmas feast...maybe I'll anticipate things a little bit.

Frankie/mom said...

Enjoy the snow, it doesn't happen all that often & the kids love it! I'm cold down here in AZ (it got to 70' today, brrr) but it's all relative; my blood is thinner now so it doesn't take much to feel cold.
What a good plan, using your folding table. I use my long countertop in the kitchen...although, not much wrapping going on this year. Pretty skimpy. Will enjoy seeing what everyone else gets tho!

Suzanne said...

I just checked my table and it's not adjustable. Oh well. It's still better than the bed or the floor.

Dare I wrap presents and put them under the tree?