Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Miriam

Girls may be thin on the ground in our family, but when we have them, they are ALL girl (with the possible exception of me: see pictures of me as a "little Dutch boy").

I got Miriam a book for her birthday - the fanciest one I could find. Maybe I'll take a run by the store and see if I can find her some "fancy" dress up stuff. Miriam and her brothers have lots of dress up clothes - but they do seem to tend more towards Darth Vadar and Batman and a little less towards sparkly, girly stuff.

So...this is later, I stopped by Fred Meyer and got a pink feather boa and a tiara/necklace/ring/bracelet set. Pretty fancy. I just hope Miriam gets to wear them more than her brothers...although the image of Darth Vadar with a feather boa just popped into my mind. Somehow the tiara and boa don't seem to say "I'm serious about galactic domination". Not sure why.

3 years ago today.


Keira said...

We love Fancy Nancy in our family. I think one of the lines is "It's hard to be the only fancy one in the famil." It could be Laura's life motto...

Suzanne said...

What is with the one girl families?!

crashhanna said...

When Miriam opened her presents Trevor exclaimed excitedly, "it's a FANCY NANCY book".

I did explain to Kaith that Darth Vadar doesn't wear pink feather boas - no one would take him seriously.