Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

No one asked questions this week so this`ll probably be a short email. And I did receive the package, thanks.

Well last week after doing email a member took us out to eat at an all-you-can-eat KFC. It was filling but they had a disappointingly small selection of food. I wouldn`t recommend it. Tuesday evening through Wednesday evening I went on an exchange back in Okamachi, my last area, I enjoyed it. There was a miscommunication about which train station we were meeting at so the exchange ended at 8:30 PM after English class instead of at 5:30 PM.

Brother Soga the previous ward mission leader who sells insurance still helps us often. Last week while he was doing his door to door sales he ran across a former investigator who we`re back in contact with now. And also once when he was doing his door to door sales the person said she didn`t speak Japanese and so he asked if English was alright and then introduced himself as a member of the church and invited her to meet with us.

Today an English class student who isn`t a member took us to a really nice all you can eat restaurant. It was really good and had a ton of different Japanese and Western foods.

Some interesting things I guess since I`m already out of things to talk about. In Japanese the Celestial, Terrestial, and Telestial Kingdoms are called the Sun, Moon, and Star kingdom. There`s no word for tithing in Japanese so it`s called the law of one tenth. Song translations aren`t exact for example I am a Child of God goes:

God`s children, me and you.
Overflowing charity/mercy is given to me
Help and guide me please.
So I can return to God`s presence.

That`s from memory so it could be a little off.Well I will email again on Christmas probably. Christmas Eve for all of you. Please write.


Elder Andrew West


Keira said...

That is a disturbing picture, Deb. Santa crossed with a racist s&m spaceman...

But he sounds like he's having fun.

crashhanna said...

I'm not sure the Japanese quite "get" Santa...(I'm referring to the picture)

Samurai Mom said...

I will henceforth refer to tithing as "the law of one tenth" I love it. Japan and I are like... souls sisters.