Monday, December 22, 2008

Awesome Uncles

Alex and Danny spent at least an hour yesterday constructing a sledding slope in our back yard - for the grandkids. Then they spent at least an hour playing outside with the grandkids. Trevor has been desperately wanting to go sledding - and they live down in the flat part of town - no slopes at all. We have plenty of slopes up here, but most of them are on the streets - and I really didn't want to have the kids sledding around cars - they are a little too young for that. With the addition to our existing slope in the backyard Trevor ended up a happy camper.

Somewhere under this snow is the ruler that Danny had stuck in the snow to measure how deep it was getting. We had about 10 1/2 inches last night before I went to bed, and now we have at least a little bit over a foot of snow. No one showed up for Steve's vanpool this morning - so he's alone again...I may have him stop at the post office on the way home this afternoon and see if there is any way we could get our mail. We haven't gotten any mail since last Tuesday, and it's not looking good for getting any today or tomorrow...I miss getting the paper too...


Suzanne said...

I'm sensing a little snow craziness happening. Have you tun out of books to read? Is the endless hot chocolate too much? Perhaps Danny can go knock on neighbors doors and find a snowmobile to get out for a bit.

Did Steve make it to work ok?

crashhanna said...

Steve made it to work just fine - hardly any traffic.

Don't go giving Danny any ideas.