Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Home Brew

Just like to report that we made a still in science today. This could come in sooo handy. We boiled down some diet cola, orange soda and cranberry juice cocktail. I think we ended up with distilled water, not alcohol, but I won't bet the farm on it. I suppose we could taste the end results, but I'm not that curious.

I really missed the cool science equipment that I got to use in 9th grade. We had the bunsen burners, the lighters that you squeezed so that they sparked, beakers, flasks, condenser coils and tubing, not to mention stoppers. We really could have used that stuff today. It's difficult to make foil into a 100% effective stopper.


Suzanne said...

That looks a little suspect. It reminds me of when Dad would do his taste tests of grape juice. You know the jars that smelled "funny" when we opened them.

"Here, just take a sip and tell me if it tastes funny."

Keira said...

It looks like you're running an illegal meth lab.

m_perfect said...

Today a science experiment-- tomorrow a full scale illegal operation. I wouldn't taste that stuff either with all that foil corroding around there, yikes!