Friday, December 19, 2008

Cold and Sunny.

It was 17' this morning when Steve went off to work. He was the only one in his van pool to go in today - 1 out of a possible 12.

Good "news"? Our morning paper was delivered today! Now, if only the post office and FedEx will get their acts together and put some chains on...

We're expecting snow again tomorrow evening and Sunday- I'm pretty sure the stuff we have won't be gone - not with highs in the 20's. Last Sunday we only had a couple inches or so - and some wards in our stake cancelled or abbreviated their services(not ours - we met). I'm guessing we might have more wards cancel this week - they've already cancelled the stake Christmas concert.

I did get out yesterday (with Steve at the wheel) - we're stocked up enough for the next week - I even picked up a ham for Christmas and the ingredients for our traditional Christmas morning sticky buns.

Let it snow.


Frankie/mom said...

Reminds dad & I of the huge snow storm in 1969... we had over 4 feet of snow overnight & it shut Spfd down for 2-3 weeks. I'll bet you remember it! Fun for a little while...all the stores ran out of food & of course, schools closed; so did church, etc. Best get stocked up, it could go on for awhile... something about every 40 years or so! So did Nathan get home safely?

crashhanna said...

Yes, Nathan arrived home safely.

I do remember "The Big Snow". We had a large flat section of roof that Dad had to shovel - then we all climbed up on the roof and jumped into the snow pile. I also remember that we stuck a yardstick into the snow outside the living room window so that we could moniter the level. Our snow here isn't so bad - Danny only has a foot long ruler stuck in it.

BeeGeeBabe said...

I loved that big snow! All I wanted was a white Christmas and I didn't get it! I cried and I'm sure Dad rolled his eyes at my drama! Just like I roll mine at Lauren's drama. What is that old saying about an apple and a tree???

Suzanne said...

"Cold and Sunny", sounds like Colorado. We are usually lucky that it's sunny most of the time here. If it snows, it's gone pretty quick because of our sunny days.