Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To Do

I haven't been posting much for the past few weeks...and the rest of this week isn't looking too hot for computer time, so here's a roundup of some of the stuff going on around here this week.

  • I've been sewing, daily sewing...but since I'm making gifts, the pictures will have to wait.
  • snow...not much, just enough to cancel seminary yesterday. Warmer weather is on its way.
  • did I mention that I've been sewing?
  • cleaning house...with Alex, my helper elf. Trying to make the "fuzzy housekeeping" not look too fuzzy.
  • cooking - a little Christmas cookie cooking is in order. A very little. Maybe just a batch or two.
  • Before I do my baking, I'd better go grocery shopping.
  • David flies in tomorrow night!
  • Keira, Nathan, Jonah, Laura, Spencer, Zach, Tia and Suzanne arrive Friday!!
  • Wedding on Saturday morning
  • Reception Saturday afternoon.
  • Reception is over around 5pm - then we can relax and have fun.

If I get the chance, I'm going to try and get my hair cut sometime...I need to cut the boys hair before Saturday....I have two more seminary lessons to prepare...my country's 500th anniversary wedding to plan, a wedding to plan, my wife to murder, Guilder to frame for it....I'm swamped.


OKTownsends said...

Did you ever mistakenly think how easy your life would be when your kids got older? I did not get the memo either and I am not that fond of surprises. Good luck with that, I would help if I could.

Suzanne said...

What?! It doesn't get easier as your kids get older? Will I longingly miss the "diaper" days"?!

crashhanna said...

I don't miss diaper days. It's just tough to be in that gray area of kids coming and going. And coming and going....and coming and going. Just when you're just about used to the status quo you find out that there is no such thing as status quo. And as they get older, those changes in status quo get more expensive (braces, college, mission, wedding.....) it makes buying a box of disposable diapers seem cheap.

Keira said...

If you haven't got you health... ;0)

BeeGeeBabe said...

I'm getting a glimpse now of the 'older child syndrome'. Now that I think about it, I do miss the diaper days!