Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting Through

Each year, around New Year's, I like to get my house in order.  I didn't really give it much thought this year...until today.  I have been running on "get through it" mode for the past few weeks...get through the wedding...get through Christmas...get through company...get through getting Nathan and Rebekah moved...

I've "gotten through" most of the above (Nathan and Rebekah leave tomorrow) I'm running out of excuses.

Saturday morning the Verizon guy came out to install our new Fios system (all I know is that it involves internet and phones).  I was just going to ignore the mess in my office for a few days while I worked on other chores...but I sort of got on a roll...and low and behold, here it is Monday night and my office is pretty much done.  So is the big hall closet. Wow.

Tomorrow I plan to focus on helping the happy couple gather up their belongings from the four quarters of the house...and in the process I should be able to knock a couple more rooms off my list of places to clean and organize.  Ring out wild bells!

Speaking of Ring Out Wild Bells...we sang that as the closing song in Sacrament Meeting yesterday.  I usually hate it - it is sooo not a congregational hymn, but yesterday I must admit was much better than usual.  Sure, the congregation didn't have a clue about the words or the rhythm, as usual,but the organist did.  Brother Toy played it fast and loud - the song was fairly rolicking.  Rebekah turned around after the meeting was over and pronounced it "hardcore".  Thank you, Brother Toy.

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Keira said...

I know. Too slow and it is definitely a dirge.