Wednesday, December 2, 2009


David Tennant - my favorite "Dr. Who" far.

Steve, my favorite 51 year old far.

For Steve's birthday cake, I made a copy of the Tardis. For those of you not familiar with the tv series Dr. Who, the TARDIS is the Doctor's time machine. The acronym TARDIS stands for: time and relative dimension in space. I know, you're saying to yourself "who cares?" I just want to make sure that you understand the name...and also the fact that since mine turned out pretty crappy, I christened it the "Re-Tardis" - as in retarded. Which also, strangely enough, applies to me.

Yesterday I posted about Steve's birthday and all but stated that "51" is a prime number. It is not. David knew it - his little poem in the comments was quite clever, and nicely didn't exactly say "Mom, you're sooo dumb".

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