Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Man in Japan

I wonder if Andrew's oven is anything like this one?

Dear Family and Friends,
I hope you`re all doing well. This past week went pretty well for us. The weather is getting colder and I`m probably going to start dressing warmer one of these days, I just never remember to dress warmly in the morning before study.

The ward here has it`s Christmas activity on December 23. Unfortunately that may be the same day as Zone Conference. Hopefully not. Preparation day on that week will be moved to Christmas. That should also be the time when we do our phone call.

As far as anything that would be nice in a package from America all I can think of is... an oven. Unfortunately that wouldn`t really work out. Our current oven isn`t really great at baking stuff evenly at all. Last time I tried to bake brownies the top got burned partly and the rest was too gooey to be delicious. In fact it was not delicious and ended up in the garbage, that made me sad. The pan that I cooked them in has also ended up in the garbage. But that`s more because it`s an old cheap rusty pan that has a weird smell.

My companion Elder Johnson is doing really good. We`ve been getting some good chances to teach the lessons so he`s been getting some practice.

Don`t stress out too much over the wedding reception. I`d help but... I don`t think month old brownies or lemon bars shipped from Japan would help at all. Just take some pictures.

I`m running out of things to write. Please ask questions. But I think you`re running out of questions.

Elder Andrew West

PS. I need Stephanie`s new address
PS.. If you just sent a copy of your camera`s SD card, or something it would be nice.
PS... Also a English and Japanese CD of the last 2 conferences would be awesome. I`ve listened to the one from last year quite a few times now, it would be cool to hear this year`s again.
PS.... I probably won`t send a package but I`ll copy my SD card again and mail it. There`s 817 pictures now, I`ll probably go through and delete duplicates and stuff first and send it.

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