Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Area 51

I'm getting a head start on this one. Tomorrow is Steve's birthday. Since he's almost a year older than me, that makes him...51.

Prime Number.
Prime Rib.
Prime Time.
Prime Rate.
Amazon Prime.

He's just plain prime.

Happy Birthday to one prime piece of real estate.


Keira said...

It's nice to know that as we age there are still vistas yet to be conquered. Happy birthday Steve!

David said...

Happy Birthday Dad!

3 candles to circle 3 suns
times were a changin' aplenty
17 candles
is 7 primes, and
51 is the new 20

Stephanie said...

Wow, David. I hope Dad understood that.
Dad, love you, happy birthday, and hope to be able to call when Cory comes home with his dry cell phone.

David said...

I have no doubt he will decipher the secret message. :)