Sunday, December 20, 2009

Remains of the Day

"Pikagroom", and "Pikabride" cake toppers...decorated by Rebekah and Nathan.

The wedding is over. The reception is over. The cultural hall was cleaned up. The church kitchen was cleaned up. Cars and vans were loaded up and stuff hauled home. Somehow we ended up with the leftover wedding cake. There was a LOT of leftover wedding cake. We froze the top layers for Nathan and Rebekah to have at a future time...we froze some more to be served as dessert on Wednesday (when they get home from their honeymoon and open presents)....but that still left an awful lot of cake.
Coincidentally I still happened to have a lot of company today. Being the gracious hostess that I am, I offered a healthy breakfast of :
  • Orange Juice
  • Bacon
  • Wedding Cake

My guests didn't manage to make too much of a dent in it. Whatever is left tomorrow is going...going....

Rebekah's dad called me this evening to offer us some of the leftover goodies from the wedding. I told him no - unless he wanted to take some cake off of our hands. He gracefully declined...his co-workers will be reaping the rewards of my "no" tomorrow at work.

Maybe I should post it on Craig's List.


BeeGee Babe said...

It looks like FunFetti cake on the bottom. How did it look? Can't wait to see Suz' handiwork!

Emily and Linda said...

The reception was fun! I liked the picture idea.

hakeber said...

We were going to steal some cake but you don't have any tupperware!