Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sparkling Sugar Cookies

I gave Stephanie some sugar cookie dough this morning to use with the grandkids - she brought out my box of cookie cutters and this is what they came up with (with help from Stephanie).

They didn't put together the vignette - Rebekah did. Complete with ring. Ridiculously awesome. Nathan felt the need to make the vignette truer - by biting off 2 steeples of the temple. Now it looks a lot more like the Seattle Temple. I'm not totally sure of the symbolism of the headless couple. Any ideas?


OKTownsends said...

Love is in the air. I have my own announcement. Congratulations to the happy couple and hopefully they don't lose their heads over the wedding hoopla.

Beth Adams said...

I love it!!! Congratulations to your family.

Frankie/mom said...

Hearty congratulations to Nathan & his bride-to-be! (sorry, I didn't catch her name yet) We hope they are deliriously in love! Would love to see a picture or two!!