Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Haircuts and Hairy Apricots

First, the apricots.

My family is not overly fond of canned apricots (I don't really blame them). I've had this can of apricots taking up space in the bunker for years. The expiration date was sometime in 2004. I sent Miriam downstairs to get a can of fruit and she brought up two. A perfectly fine can of pears and this ancient of days can of apricots. Yes, I fed my grandchildren old apricots. The can wasn't bulging and they didn't smell funky so, what the heck...here ya' go. Hopefully we won't end up at Children's with 3 cases of botulism (Trevor did not partake). Kaith didn't seem to be enjoying his - I told him he didn't have to finish it - he said "these apricots taste hairy". The good news is that I now have no more hairy apricots in the bunker.
And now, on to the haircuts. I've been letting Rebekah borrow my clippers and my grandchildren so that she could learn how to cut hair. Yesterday she cut Kaith's hair (I'll touch it up in a day or two). Today she tackled Trevor. I saw exponential improvement in Rebekah's technique. She'll be ready to trim Nathan's hair in no time (a true test of love).

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Keira said...

I won't go near my Nathan's hair with clippers. I've seen him mutter darkly about the Vietnamese ladies who have given him bad cuts and have no wish to tread those thorny roads.