Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I used to be a compulsive furniture mover. Steve would come home to a newly rearranged room somewhere in the house at least once a month. If not more often. It's a great way to deep clean a room - once everything is out, you can vacuum in places that were inaccessible before. Bookshelves and books get dusted (I don't really miss the gypsy bookcases...my built in ones are way better - but I don't dust the books as much).

This week looks like I'll be back to my old tricks again. I need to clean out Danny's room to make room for Stephanie & kids. We're still not positive that their house is sold - but it's looking pretty good this time. Whether it does or not, this week is the only time I'll have to get stuff moved and re-situated. Once Tuesday comes, we're off and running with fall stuff...

Tuesday: Danny starts school. Alex gets his wisdom teeth out.
Wednesday: Danny and I start seminary. I have 3 other kids besides Danny to take home - I'm the carpool driver for taking the kids home who are home schooled.
Thursday: Orthodontist
Saturday: Seminary symposium down in Seattle...Cory leaves for training.

As you can see, that doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room for rearranging my house. With all the seminary planning and school stuff going on, besides various appointments the kids have, I won't have time to spit.


Keira said...

That was so hilarious! Cruisin' down the street in my 16-passenger van...hahhahahha

Where's my denim skirt?

Emily and Linda said...

Sister West do we statrt schoolthe 8th or the 9th? One of the calnders says the 8th and the other the 9th. I was just wondering! Thanks for driving me home!

crashhanna said...

I'm thinking it's the 8th - better too soon, than too late. Have you gone to the K12 site to check?

Emily and Linda said...

We did, mom emailed through kmail and hasn't gotton a responce back. I would like to start the 8th.

Emily and Linda said...

We just found out. We start the ninth.