Monday, September 21, 2009

Brownie Day Song

Waffle brownie ice cream sandwiches. And yes, they are a wee bit melting. That's why they are in the freezer.

A couple of weeks before Stephanie and the kids moved in Trevor wanted brownies on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening. I informed him that we only had brownies on Sunday night or Monday night. He now wakes up on Sunday morning and informs me that it is "Brownie Day". Today he composed a song:

Oh yea, it's a brownie day
come on, come on, let's go
It's Sunday come on, come on,
let's go to the brownie store.

Mind you, the lyrics change every time he sings it, but that's the gist.


hakeber said...

Haha you opened the "Brownie Day" floodgate. It's pretty lame that I have to wait all the way until Sunday for the NEXT brownie day. Or I could just make my own... hahahahaha. Yeah, right.

stephen said...

I'm with Trevor all the way.

CoryLee said...

I love reading your blog and getting any info I can about my Children... On my screen the yello text on off wite background is painfull to read as a sugestion you might try a darker color for text.