Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry I didn`t send an email last week. I tried doing email at the city hall which would have been a lot more convenient location wise, but unfortunately those computers wouldn`t let me do email, oh well. I don`t know if I`ll be able to send an email next week or not, and the week I don`t know about either. I`ll try to send at least one in the next two weeks.

I`ve mentioned over and over again probably that I don`t really like Japanese curry. However if some people could send me a recipe for Indian Curry and Nan I would really appreciate it. I like Indian Curry, it`s pretty different from Japanese curry. I made a smoothie yesterday for the first time on my mission (Good blenders with lids are in short supply among missionary apartments here) it was delicious and made me want to make more but I used up the frozen strawberries we had. Is there any good recipe that consists of ice, milk, sugar, and vanilla or cocoa. Or really simple stuff like that?

I`ll tell you a few jokes now. These won`t make much sense because they`re only sort`ve funny in Japanese.
Why doesn`t the dentist like Hawaii?... Ha wa ii (Good teeth)
What do you get when you blend a carrot, onion, and celery?... Mitsuya cider (Mitsuya cider is the name of a pop here, but this joke uses the name Mistuya to mean three vegetables)
Are you Japanese? I`m Japanese too? How many legs do I have?... Two legs...Japan in Japanese is Nihon. A Japanese person is Nihon-jin. Two legs is counted as Nihon.

Last week we found a cash card on the ground and so we took it to a nearby police station. Little did we realize that the lost-and-found paperwork would take about 40 minutes. Oh well, hopefully the owner gets the card.

We had Zone conference a week and a half ago. It was pretty good. After lunch all the companionships there, about 12, presented a 7 minute `best practice` about some principle or something in Preach My Gospel. Apparently the first time zone conference they did it at it was a little boring so they told everyone to make a visual aid or make it interesting somehow. Our zone conference was pretty good, there was singing, dancing, storytelling, hats, mirror, pepper and water, and other stuff. It was interesting but still a learning experience.

That`s it until next week or the week after, my next email could possibly be as late as Tuesday the 13th.


Elder West.

PS. Thanks for the package. :) I`ll have to figure out how many contact I have now and how often to change them

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