Friday, September 25, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure.

My kids used to love those old "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. There would be a page of action, then at the bottom of the page you would have to make a choice...and that would take you different places in the book depending on your decision.

I decided to make one for Steve today.
I'm not usually too picky about what I get or don't get for my birthday - but this year it's a milestone birthday - so since I'm expecting him to kick it up a notch, I got the ball rolling.
I'm very subtle. Very.


Samurai Mom said...

I want to see this in it's entirety. Please bring it to Portland next time you come. I love it!

Keira said...

I love this. I just knew that binder would come in handy sometime.

In the words of Pedro, "I hope all of your wildest dreams will come true."