Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear family and friends,

I`m afraid not much happened this past week so this`ll probably be a short email.

Nothing happened last Tuesday. Wednesday was English Class but it was a holiday and only one person came. A couple Elders did spend the night though for Wednesday`s Zone Conference.

Zone Conference was good. We watched an old bicycle safety video for Japan. It was pretty old and low budget. There was just someone talking about the different rules and `road manners` while different pictures were shown.

Some stakes are starting a Young Single Adult outreach program where they have activities at the church almost every evening. Something like Sunday:Fireside Monday:Family Home Evening Tuesday:Random Activity(Dance?) Wednesday:English Class Thursday:Sports Night Friday:Random Activity Saturday:Random Activity. It sounded like it`ll be good.

Well that`s all I guess. Sorry I didn`t write more. Ask questions please.

My questions/requests
Did you receive my SD card?
Well that`s it I guess.
I guess I really don`t have much to say this week. Until next week.


Elder West.

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Keira said...

I was watching that old "Called to Serve" video today and didn't realize that the funniest part (the bit that gets sung and resung in our house) "Susamay oh susamay..." was Japanese!