Friday, February 13, 2009

Another use for nylons.

I went visiting teaching yesterday. My partner Myra happens to be a nurse. A nurse who is experienced in orthopedics. Myra gave me a great tip that involves nylons.

I took a pair of practically new nylons (I had mistakenly purchased a pair of suntan colored nylons - yuk!), cut off one leg, then the toe and made a small opening for my thumb. Steve had to do most of the cutting, and he had to help me get it on, but once on it was a nice cover for sleeping in.

I promise I won't be wearing it in public, but it does smooth out almost all the prickly bits of the cast so that I didn't spend the night getting it caught in the sheets or sanding the skin off of Steve's shoulder.

Thanks, Myra.


Keira said...

That IS clever. I love knowing nurses--they're so handy.

BeeGee Babe said...

Who knew? These very important things that aren't shared with the general public are fasinating!