Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get Well Soonish?

I think I got a get well card from Suzanne. Here is the sentiment/quote that she wrote on the inside:

"Darwinism dar-win-ism
A theory that inherent dynamic forces allow only the fittest persons or organizations to prosper in a competitive environment or situation.

Get well soonish"

Just what are you implying missy?

BTW, great job taking it to 11.


Suzanne said...

You know, just trying to heal with humor. Michael was the inspired author the the sentiments.

crashhanna said...

I actually love the card (and sentiments)..I'm just a little more motivated to get well. er, fit.

Stephanie said...

So, when you get done with your slings, are you going to save them (emergency preparedness) or donate them to the needy?

Melinda said...

Is this a good place to leave my well wishes? I love how you changed the background color on your blog's title to give it more emphasis. How appropriate. I enjoyed your post about washing your hair. I keep wanting to say, "Get well soon" but 8-12 weeks doesn't seem very soon to me, so I'll say, "I hope your recovery is uncomplicated and goes better than expected." Hang in there.

Keira said...

Suck up.

crashhanna said...

Now, now Keira, Sue was just being niceish..