Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Man in Japan

Dear family,

You all sound like you`re doing good. We`re doing pretty good over here as well.

Probably the most amusing thing that happened this week involved me arm-wrestling a trio of drunk old men...

We went back to visit the half-drunk old man we came across on March 1st, I was hoping he wouldn`t be drunk this time. No such luck. As we approached the door to his tiny apartment we heard a bunch of voices inside. We opened the door and after a few seconds they invited us in and offered us a drink. They were having some neighhood lunch party with some beer. We told them we didn`t drink and then they noticed I was a foreigner. They decided they wanted to greet me in a Japanese style which they said was arm-wrestling. I beat the first guy, but lost to the second, and the third one beat me by using his body. I talked to them a little bit after that to keep their attention on me while my companion talked with a lady who wasn`t drunk and invited to church and gave here a Book of Mormon. She mentioned she believed in prophets but her church didn`t have one. We left right after that.

I played Shogi for my first time this past week. It`s fun but I`m used to chess so I made a few bad moves because I`m not used to how the pieces move.

I had a short phone conference on Saturday morning with the Elders who came to Japan at the same time as me. It was good talking to all of them again.

So is going to Granite Falls for church a temporary thing? Are they building a church on the hill? And if so is that where you`ll end up going?

I really don`t have a lot to write this week. Take care until next week.
Elder Andrew West.

This is from BYU-Idaho, I guess is I go it`s the Fall/Winter track. I do know Idaho is cheaper, but its Japanese program seems pretty limited, I`d just have to study it on my own. Anyways I`m not really thinking about it too much until I know whether BYU is a choice at the moment. Which track are Nathan and Rebekah on? I assume winter and ???

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