Saturday, March 6, 2010

Have Sawzall, Will Prune

They talk a lot about deforestation in the rain forests.  Sure, but what about closer to home?

Steve decided it was time to tackle the aspen tree that is too close to the house.  It rubs against the roof when the wind blows, and we lost a couple of shingles over the past winter. 

Safety first!  Steve has a lovely purple rope tied around his mid-section - I think the other end was tied to the ladder on the back deck.  Let's just say I'm glad he didn't need to rely on it.  Alex is up on the roof with no rope.  Hmm...I'm happy to say they both survived this round with the tree.


Suzanne said...

A purple rope will save your life...a green one may laugh as you fall.

I am in need of some serious pruning in my backyard...does Steve hire out?

Betty Debbie said...

Did you want me to bring him with me?

T Harrington said...

I have a vague recollection of having a rope tied around my waist while teetering on the 12/12 pitch roof of the parents. The other end was tied to a tree... much better than a ladder I'm sure. But my favorite was when Dad was on the slippery blue metal roof working on the chimney with the rope about his waist and I was the safty line anchor. I think I was a solid 110 lbs at the time. Sometimes I wonder if Dad hasn't lost a couple of his marbles. The key is to repress those memories... it makes for a much happier childhood.