Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Man in Japan

Check out President McIntyre's blog - that's where I snagged these pictures.

Dear family,

It took me forever to get logged onto email this week. I`m sad to say it took me forever to figure out the problem. I was just pressing enter to login like normal. For some reason I needed to actually click on the login button.

Well what happened this last week... On Wednesday we woke up early and went to Wakayama (4 1/2 hours away) for an exchange. The exchange was pretty good, I was with Cutler and we biked around Wakayama city there were a decent amount of people around. I love Shingu but I sort`ve miss there being lots of people to talk with. We spent a little bit talking with some skateboarders and one of them came to English Class in the evening which was good. We also set up an appointment with someone else. The Tanabe Elders also came up to spend the night in Wakayama so we had 6 of us in the apartment.

On Thursday we woke up early and went to East Osaka for zone conference. It was pretty good, as always. There`s a tradition for missionaries on their last transfer to bear their testimonies at the end of Zone conference. It`s always good. Though it`s a little strange as the missionaries heading home are ones that didn`t come in that much more before me. After Zone conference we headed back and spent the night in Tanabe.

On Friday we woke up early (For the third time in a row) and headed home finally.

I wrote a lot in my journal this past week but not much I`m going to email.

As far as BYU goes, I still don`t know about BYU yet, and I don`t know which track for BYU-I it would be yet.

I`m out of time for now sorry.
Take care,
Elder West

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