Thursday, March 11, 2010

CSI Marysville

I have to admit to a guilty pleasure.  I like CSI (the original is the only one that I've watched).  It's fascinating to watch the "scientists" piece together a crime.  When real crime scene investigators came to my neighborhood yesterday, I was not entertained at all.

Yesterday afternoon we had an "incident" that rocked our neighborhood. There was no crime involved - it was purely an unfortunate accident.  I was on my way home from the store when a police officer stopped me  - because my street was blocked off.  I sat and waited for about ten or fifteen minutes wondering what had happened just half a block in front of me.  There was a fire truck, 2 ambulances, and about half a dozen cop cars.  I'm pretty sure that constitutes the entire law enforcement and most of the emergency response vehicles in our town.  The officer finally came down to say that the aid car would be leaving shortly, as the life-flight helicopter had landed (where did it land?? I have no idea).

I was able to get home - passing several neighbors who were out on the sidewalk.  My next door neighber was in tears - it turned out that a 10 year old girl who was riding her bike got hit by a nice lady that lives down the street.  My neighbor was partly in shock over that, and also because her two little boys had been riding bikes just a few minutes before that and for a moment she thought that one of her sons had been hit.

These two families are in our prayers...the one with the critically injured little girl and the one that accidently hit her. 

Give your kids a hug and then lecture them sternly on bike safety. 

Drive carefully.


Kim said...

Wow, that's so sad. I bet the lady who hit her, feels terrible. I know I couldn't live with myself if I hit somebody. I hope the little girl is ok. Goes to show that you never know if anything bad will happen to you or your family. I will try to remember to pray for them.

I love watching the crime shows too. I love watching CSI, and Criminal Minds. Monk was one of my favorite shows too, but it ended. The good thing is that I can buy the show on DVD.

Stephanie said...

Some good must come out of something as terrible as that. I'll use the story to scare my kids into being more careful.

BeeGee Babe said...

I'm with Steph. I scared Tylor when he was about 4 when he kept opening our door to strangers. After my 'life lesson' story (true) he didn't want to go to the park for 6 months or more. I may have taken that one a little to far..