Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

How are all of you? We`re doing good over here. Yesterday I guess there was a Tsunami, though if no one had told me I wouldn`t of ever known. I think there were 3 waves probably all under one meter in height. Not enough to do anything here. Though it sounds like maybe some city in the Hiroshima mission (To the west) got a little flooded and up in Hiroshima (The north island of Japan) there was some trouble. As for Shingu everyone just went about life as normal. There was an announcement to stay off the beach but that was pretty much it. There were also people watching the beach to make sure no one went on it. We went inside in the afternoon when President McIntyre told us to.

Now my companion has a bike problem. His pedal fell off. Unfortunately it was on our way to Katsura, a 45 minute bike ride from Shingu. We were about 30 minutes out when it fell off so we had to turn around and come back. My companion did his best pedaling with one pedal but it looks pretty uncomfortable and exhausting.The bar that the pedal screws into went bad and the threading is gone so he needs a new one. We went to a few different places and the only place in Shingu that has the tool for taking the part off was closed the first time we looked. Thankfully when we came to do email we rode by and it was open. We`ll go back later in the day to get it fixed.

`Dear Andrew:
Congratulations! We are pleased to offer you admission to Brigham Young University-Idaho. We look forward to having you on campus and feel that you will be an asset to this university.`

I don`t know about Provo yet, but I`m not too worried either way with that. If I get in it would be nice but if I don`t I`m fine with that too.

I think that`s it for this week. We`re heading up for Zone conference again this week. We`ll leave early Wednesday morning, spend the day with the Elders in Wakayama, head up for conference early Thursday morning make it back down to Tanabe in the evening, and head back to Shingu Friday morning. I bought a shougi board I haven`t ever played it before but I studied the rules. I`ll see if anyone will play shougi with me on the train. There`s definitely time.


Elder West.

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