Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Budding Baker

Our ward has an annual combined youth bake off.  They've been doing this for years...(I think it's brilliant - they save money on refreshments AND the kids have a good time).  I found out about this yesterday.  I asked Danny what he was going to make.  No hesitation:  "cream puffs". 

Okie dokie.

He did a great job...I talked him through the tougher parts...and I scooped up the first one to show him the size, but he did the rest.  He even made the fillings, chocolate and vanilla. I filled the piping bags and put the chocolate in half, he put the vanilla in the other half.  I can't wait until he gets home - I'm wondering how the judging went.


Suzanne said...

Way to go Danny!

Stephanie said...

I need to use a piping tool next time. The finished product seems much tidier.

Keira said...

I want to know! Did he kick tuckus?

Betty Debbie said...

Sadly no. Too much competition in the dessert category. Someone else made a confection of chocolate/cheesecake. They won.

Danny took it like a man...and ate all the leftovers.