Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

So the Marysville ward boundaries are changing? Let me know how that goes please. I think I`m supposed to notify the Mission Office if my home ward or stake changes.

So this past week has been pretty good. But I don`t have much time to write now so this`ll be short. We took the train over to Tanabe Monday night and spent the night there. The next morning we still had to get up early to catch a train at 6:30 AM. We made it interviews up in Iwade in time. Afterwards we had some Korean Barbeque (Yakiniku) before starting the trip back to Shingu with the Tanabe Elders. That took from 1:44 PM to 7:34 PM.

On Wednesday we were on exchanges with the Tanabe Elders in Shingu. It was pretty good. On Thursday the Tanabe Elders went home after having district meeting in the morning. Elder Slater and Elder Homer made me a happy birthday pancake with sprinkles in it. Elder Slater was going to make a cake for my birthday but halfway through realized we were out of oil. We`re getting oil today. I did eat some Tim Tams which was good.

I got the package on Friday, thanks! Now it`s a question of when to make the pecan pie and harvest loaf. Thanks a lot for those, it`s odd that canned pumpkin and pecans aren`t to be found here. We had a dinner of pancakes with Brother Tsuboi Friday evening, it was pretty nice of him.

On Saturday morning after English Class we talked with a new student about the Bible and Book of Mormon some. When he filled out the new student information sheet he wrote in the box for other comments or anything `I sort`ve want to read the original manuscript of the Bible` we talked with him about how the Bible was written and compiled and what the Book of Mormon is.

On Saturday evening there was a fire festival. Only boys and men are allowed to participate because it`s dangerous though everyone watches. At around 6 or 7 PM the guys who are participating (They`re dressed in white) walk up a steep hill where a shrine is. They go to the top? and wait there behind a gate until 8 PM. They`re all holding flaming torches while they`re up there waiting. Some of them are drunk. Some of them want to be the first to the bottom when the gates open so they fight for position at the gate. I personally don`t thinking drunks fighting while holding flaming torches is smart... Anyways the gate opens at 8 PM and they race down. The stairs are really steep, but the people in front who really want to be first jump down them really fast. When they get to the bottom they walk in a line through a crowd. It`s fun to watch but the drunks are super careful with their torches, fortunately they`re mostly burned out by the end. The festival is called Otomatsuri I think. It was on February 6. You can probably see videos online.

Well I`m out of time. Talk to you next week.

Elder Andrew West.

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