Friday, February 12, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Rebekah accused me of cheating on my blog last week.  She was right...I confess.  I have been cheating on this blog. 

Keira and I are having a total geek fest with our new blog (The Uncrushable Jersey Dress).  Our recent conversations sound a little like this:

(me) "Did you see we have a reader in SPAIN!
(her) "INDIA!  We have 3 readers from INDIA!?!

I have been learning a little more amatuer blog designing in the process of co-hosting The Uncrushable Jersey Dress. 
  • I've embedded links in the sidebar...that link back to book reviews that we've done...
  • I've picked up a little photo editing know-how (really that's thanks to an amazing site called - it's got a lot of things you can do for free - or fork out $25 for a one year premium membership)
  • Along with picnik, I've learned how to make custom headers.
  • Widgets.  Have I mentioned widgets?
If you haven't had a chance, drop on by - it's not all book reviews.  Did I mention food?  Yeah, we've been trying out and reviewing food too. 


Rebekah said...

I'm glad you stopped cheating on this blog with your Betty Neels blog to talk about... your Betty Neels blog...

Betty Debbie said...

Don't be hatin' on the BN blog...besides, I'm waiting for some follow-up recipes on YOUR blog.

Keira said...

My husband is most impressed by the Spain viewer but my most brag-worthy is the chick in Israel. We're uncrushable in Israel!!! Do you think we might engineer world peace while we're at it?

Debbie said...

World peace. I'll put it on our next agenda.