Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Man in Japan

Dear family,

How are all of you doing? Still good I hope.

No I didn`t transfer last week but my companion did. He went to Hanayashiki, my second area. My new companion, Elder Mizuguchi (Japanese) came from Toyooka, the opposite corner of the mission from Shingu. He`s from around Tokyo.

My bike woes are hopefully over for the time being. I mentioned before I was riding an old bike right? Well a week and a half ago while I was just riding along I switched gears and the chain just randomnly broke and fell off, fortunately we weren`t too far from the apartment. As a result when Elder Mizuguchi was putting his bike together I decided to see about fixing mine. I went to take my bad back wheel off, it came off pretty easily, too easy. The slot on the bike frame that the wheel axle slips into was broken. When I took the wheel off half of the slot thing came off too. At least it wasn`t while I was riding it. As a result after a lot of fiddling I finally ended up taking a different old bike to Jusco (A supermarket with a bike section) to get it fixed. It cost about $50 which is alright I guess. I`m just hoping this bike doesn`t have any other problems pop up because it`s so old.

On Saturday night the assistants came over and spent the night with us while President McIntyre went over to stay at a hotel. Sunday morning came and we had branch conference. Including everyone there were 11 people there. It went pretty well and everyone felt the Spirit I think. One brother who doesn`t normally come came with his son, he had to leave after sacrament meeting but stopped by after church with his wife and son again just before they headed north to Osaka. After church we all sat down and ate some refreshments together and talked. After that we had our transfer interviews (So we wouldn`t have to spend a day of travel going up and back). Then we spoke with President Iwaki about the branch finances, they`re a little out-of-date and we need to update them. I also ended up calling Elder Andrews and Elder Honda who were here last year so I could type up an annual history for the branch.

It took a little bit of time this morning setting up the account but now I`m using the new missionary email service. It`s actually pretty much just gmail, but I`m happy with that. Maybe I can send more pictures now that I don`t have a 50 MB limit on my mailbox. And I don`t have to worry about losing the email I`m writing.

I`m happy to be in Shingu for another transfer. I did send all the stuff I need to for college already so now it`s just waiting.

I finally made myself sashimi from scratch. (Okay that doesn`t involve much more than cutting a fish) You can buy fish at the store but I haven`t done it because I wasn`t sure if any fish was okay or if I might get parasites. I ended up asking a Japanese Elder and he said that as long as it says 刺身用 then it should be fine. Also I guess if you put wasabi in your soy sauce it kills bacteria. I bought some fish Saturday night and ate it with rice.

Take care,

Elder West

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