Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Story of the Twelve

I may not be a literary genius, but I've just written this story AND memorized the current 12 order.  Now to pass this on to my seminary students.  Should I have them write their own stories?  It's amazing how fast it was to write this and get it memorized.

Boyd K. Packer had a son named Perry. Perry had a habit of trying out wrestling moves on his dad. When Perry tried putting his dad in a half-Nelson, his dad decided it was time to go for a ride...He took him to see the Oaks down at the Ballard Locks. Great Scott! That man Hales from Holland!’s just Mr. Bednar...he’s the Cook for Mrs. Christofferson and her son , Neil.


Keira said...

It's like you're possessed!

Samurai Mom said...

It's like THIS close to sacrilegious. I love it. Way to work in the "house help"

Debbie said...

I was tickled with the "Hales from Holland"...and "and her son" (for Anderson).