Thursday, January 7, 2010

The End of an Era

Steve was busy cleaning out our garage this past week.  Time to get rid of excess junk.  We've had 3 car seats in there for quite a while.  Now that Stephanie has moved to South Carolina we really don't need that many large plastic objects cluttering up the premises.  We're keeping two - the booster seat and the better infant seat.  This one had to go.  We bought it 14+ years ago - it was Danny's second car seat.  Or maybe it was his first.  At any rate, we've had it over 14 years and it has taken a lot of abuse.  And by abuse I mean that I backed into it with the van once (it was empty!), it has been peed in, barfed in, eaten countless french fries in,  juice boxes have spilled in name it. 

Rest in peace, little car seat.


Suzanne said...

Sigh...I'm so close.

Keira said...

Not close enough. Dang it.