Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Man in Japan

This is a picture of the Port of Shingu (I found it on Google Image)...I'm not sure it's where Andrew is going...but it might be.

Dear Family,

It sounds like all of you are doing great. That`s wonderful to hear. Things are going well here as well. Yesterday some member`s father came to church for the first time. He stayed for all 3 hours which is pretty cool considering he`s 96 years old. He enjoyed it I think but didn`t understand a lot I think. That`s partly due to his age, inexperience with Christianity and hearing. I think the hearing was a large part of it. His hearing has recently gotten worse so they bought him `Hearing aids`. Unfortunately they`re not very good quality. In fact they look like one of those child spy toys where you attach headphones to a little microphone thing you can hold in your hand. I felt bad for him as he tried to adjust the volume to avoid screeching feedback problems... Anyways he was nice.

We had transfer calls this morning. I`m transferring to Shingu. It`s at the southernmost part of the mission by the ocean. I imagine it`s a very beautiful place, probably. Whenever there`s zone conferences and things the Shingu elders leave the day before and spend the night in a closer apartment. It also consists of the smallest branch in the mission consisting of about 3 active members and 4 semi-active members (I think). My companion is going to be Elder Slater who`s on his 5th transfer, which means I`m going to be branch president. I think I`ll get better at giving Sacrament talks really fast, I think maybe every week. Though I won`t be district leader which means I`ll have a lot more time in the evenings after planning probably. I`ll see how things go.

Take care of yourselves. I`m not sure if Shingu had email or not, but I haven`t heard that it doesn`t.


Elder West

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Keira said...

branch president. It's a different world out there...