Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Love Technology

Even though I love technology, I don't often like learning new technology.  During the past couple of weeks I have picked up a couple of new (to me) technological tricks.  Here we go.

  1. Webcam.  Yes, I've used them before - but frankly I never much liked them - and the old technology was so much slower, that it was like watching a slow slideshow.  Not fun.  With Stephanie, Cory and the grandkids living on the opposite side of the continent now seemed a good time to give it another go.  I got a webcam for Christmas...but I didn't use it right away. I figured that I would need a ton of tech support (Steve and at least one of the boys).  Turns out I can do it by myself.  Yes, I needed Danny to walk me through it the first time, but I've done it a time or two on my own since then.  The picture quality is still not perfect, but it is much improved from only a few years ago.  A great way to keep in touch with the grandkids.
  2. Picnik.  Thank you Keira.  Thank you One Pretty Thing.  Thank you A Foothill Home Companion. Thanks to all those sites that helped me have fun with photo editing and to learn how to make my own blog headers.
  3. Google.  I know, I know, Google is not new.  Nevertheless, Google (and the internet) has made it easy for me to do research for my new group blog.  I've been able to find and compare recipes for things that I haven't made before (again, not new...but I still love it).  I made (or bought) the items pictured in the photo collage - the collage that I made on picnik - that took about 5 minutes to do - including uploading the pictures.


OKTownsends said...

Your collage looks like a pro put it together. Out here though, potato bugs are called roly polys so I don't think I will try that recipe.

hakeber said...

Nathan and I both have webcams, too! We can have coast-to-coast family parties on!

Samurai Mom said...

picknic crashed my computer : (