Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seminary Party Favors

Since I'm heading down to Salt Lake City tomorrow afternoon, I'm having my end of year seminary party tomorrow.  I'm proud of myself for how little I spent...nothing cost more than $1 - and much was free.

The 'Keep Calm' bookmarks were made only with materials at hand. The Finnish CTR (only it's 'VO' in Finnish) was a buck. I have to say, I'm loving my laminater.

'Fights Evil Around The World'!!! How could I pass up toy soldiers at a dollar a bag?

Beehive cookies. 


Keira said...

Love those cookies. Is it a butterscotch drizzle?

Debbie said...

Not butterscotch (although that would be good...), just tinted white frosting (which I had on hand).

T Harrington said...

I love it... Overboard, but not overtly so.