Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hola from Elder West

Querido mi famila,
Half a week in and it already feels like I've been here forever...
I'm enjoying being here, in any case. My companion (campa┼łero) is Elder Lybbert  (pronounced lib-ert, not libe-ert). He is from Lewiston, Idaho. He and I are getting along frighteningly well. I hope my future companions are as good as him. (Also Elder Sheanshang is in my district, but he's someone else's companion).
Our apartment is on the top floor of the Dan Jones Building. The stair climbing is a tad annoying, but honestly not much of an issue. The real problem is the terrible showers on our floor. We have a couple of burning/scalding death showers, a puny ice-cold sprinkler, and only a couple of showers that are actually usable.
Other than that MTC life has been fine, though I can see myself getting sick of the cafeteria food pretty soon.
The learning has gone pretty well so far. We already know how to pray and bear testimony in Spanish, and we're working on conjugating verbs. A couple elders in our class were talking about how much we know already. The we all had to give a 5 (read:20) minute lesson in Spanish to elders who've been here for weeks. Let's just say that we were all thoroughly...uhhh....humbled.
Somehow, against all odds, my companion convinced me to join the MTC choir. Good thing we didn't have to go through auditions...
Alexander West
P.S. I leave the MTC August 9th...
P.P.S. There's a dead duck (un pato muerto) outside our classroom's window.

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