Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hola from Elder West

The laundry room here seems less crowded than last week, but I had a much harder time finding a place to sit down. Weird.

> 1. Have you been getting your dearelder.com letters??
Yes. :-)

> 2. Do you have everything that you need?

> 3. How is the language coming along (and by language, I mean Spanish)?
Reasonably well. I'm finding verb conjugation to be the hardest part, with each tense having 6 forms (1st/2nd/3rd persons, singular/plural) and there being like 7 tenses or something. It seems like the biggest roadblock towards the road of speaking conversationally. That, and my vocabulary needs some work. I have a lot of church-related words memorized, but we haven't really done much work with normal everyday words like bed, blanket, spoon (cuchara), fork (tenedor), plate, pants, etc. I need to make some flash cards of these words for language study time.
Also, in addition to language study time, we have about an hour a day we spend on the computer using something called "TALL" (Technology Assisted Language Learning). Not to rag on the developers behind it or anything, but it is probably the most boring piece of software I've ever used.
I t ' s j u s t s o s l o o o o o o o o o o o w .

> 4. Have you seen anyone else that you know?
So far I don't think I've seen anybody I know beyond Ryan Coon and Elder "i'msuddenlyblankingonhisfirstname" Hartsock.

You also asked something about the MTC choir, so I might as well update you on that:

Last Sunday we practiced singing "Jesus Once of Humble Birth." Basically everybody in our district joined the choir to practice it, except for the companionship with the nephew of the person responsible for the arrangement we were singing. However, due to an incident with temple locker keys that I will not elaborate on, my companion and I ended up being too late to actually perform for the choir last Tuesday.

This Sunday we practiced "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing." It seems a bit weird to say, but I really liked the choir director during the practice. He was humorous, and also provided some excellent commentary on the song itself (that is, I actually know what "Here I raise my Ebenezer" now means). I think we'll be performing the song at the devotional tonight (hopefully).

My time's up right now.

Hasta Luego,
Alexander West

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