Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Seminnamonary Rolls?

Carefully balanced on top of my thawing turkey...pan #2 of cinnamon rolls. Pan #1 is on a lower shelf - balanced on the eggs.

Tomorrow is going to be a game day for seminary - not only that, but ALL of the freshmen are meeting together. (Cue the roaring crowd). Potentially twenty six 14 year old boys and girls. Always a good idea to have some kind of treat, and homemade is way cheaper than store bought. Two dozen doughnuts would be well over $10. They don't pay me enough to fork out for that kind of treat very often.

I have an awesome, if somewhat undeserved, reputation for my coffee cake (or, as this year's class now calls it, "seminary cake"). It's a simple straightforward recipe - but what makes it wonderful is that I bring it to church hot out of the oven - so it's still slightly warm at the end of class. The aroma of freshly baked coffee cake wafts through the building. Not only does my class love it, but so do my students from last year...Kids from other classes will come in and try and mooch - if there looks like there are any leftovers. I'm a soft touch (plus I don't want to take it home) - so I make sure that all of the cake is gone before I leave.

The same goes for the cinnamon rolls. I don't make them nearly as often (because I have to think about making them much sooner). I wonder if the name "Seminnamonary Rolls" will catch on?


Keira said...

Mmmmmmm. If I say it 12 times fast, can I have a dozen?

Emily and Linda said...

I like the name Sister West. They tasted really good!

Suzanne said...

Precariously perched on a bird.