Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beauty School

Rebekah wanted to cut Nathan's hair...and she did it. Much better than her first efforts on Trevor and Kaith.

Not too bad. I think she'll do just fine on her own from here on out.

That's a good thing, since she'll be on her own (as far as hair cutting goes) in less than 6 weeks.


BeeGee Babe said...

Nice work Rebekah. Is hair coloring next? Do I see a vocation coming on?

Keira said...

My marriage could not survive that thing Nathan does in the mirror when he's checking out his new haircut. I'd kill him the first time he did it with one of my haircuts.

m_perfect said...

I only cut "forgiving" hair anymore. Taylor did NOT have forgiving hair( one wiggle and you could see the mistake a mile away!. Darrold did, (and is all the more lovable for it)...(just kidding Taylor).

Stephanie said...

Good job, Rebekah. Keep it up.