Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Elder Andrew sent some pictures of his squid rice - this was the finished product.

How are all of you? Not too sick I hope.

I don`t have too much to write this week. Last week on Monday we made some Squid Rice. They don`t sell everything I would like in the stores over here but they do sell packs of 2 squids for about $3-4. To make squid rice you just pull the tentacle/head/stomach things out of the top part of the squid. You pull off the 4 bone things on the inside of the top part and rinse it off. You then boil the top parts in water for a little bit. Stuff them with rice, maybe cut slits in the top, and close the end with toothpicks. You then cut off the head part (With the eyes) and hope your companion doesn`t accidentally squirt you with squid eye juice. You then put the mouth and tentacles part along with the rice filled top in a pot with water and soy sauce and maybe a little sugar. Be careful when you eat the mouth part, the squid mouth has a beak thing that you need to pull off before you eat it.

My companion was sick this past week. It peaked Saturday with a fever of about 101 for most of the day. We stayed in all day and he spent the day curled up in his futon. There was a ward Halloween Party that night and I think they had planned for us to do some stuff without really explaining it, anyways I had to call the ward mission leader and let him know that we wouldn`t be able to make it. He was better on Sunday, had a sore throat and a cough but we went to church. Him being Japanese wore one of those masks they always wear when they`re sick or worried about getting sick. After church he took a nap and then some members kindly had us come over for dinner. They had made a whole turkey, it`s the first time I`ve seen a whole turkey since coming to Japan. Apparently you can buy turkey at Costco, and not many other places. The same goes for Root Beer. A lot of people like Root Beer when they try it and tend to always go to Costco for it but for some reason most other stores don`t carry it.

Have you had any more typhoons? Nope.

Are you going to have a Halloween party? There was one but we couldn`t go.

Rebekah wants to know if you ever get to eat sushi? Yeah, I probably eat sushi about once a month. We don`t make it at home, though we did have a sushi party once where we made sushi. Normally we eat it at a cheap restaurant or at a members house, though it`s not very filling, it would be expensive to fill yourself up on just sushi. (Unless you made it yourself)

Well, take care everyone. Try not to get too sick. Love you all. Bye-

Elder Andrew West.

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Keira said...

Eww. Eww. Eww.

He lost me at "squid beak".