Thursday, November 19, 2009

Retail Therapy

It's always a little dangerous when Steve goes out of town. He is never sure what he'll be coming home to. I have been known to totally make-over rooms...from the floor to the ceiling. It's partly a way of coping - and partly just for fun - especially when I can get a sister or two to come and help.

It's just not happening this time. I just don't have the time and/or energy...not to mention money (remember, we have a wedding coming up!) to do a home make-over.

I did have the time and less money to spend on Amazon buying books. It all started because I needed to buy a book for Danny's literature class. And then there was the "buy 3 get a 4th book free" thing...and then there were some used books that I wanted...let's just say I ended up with more than 4 books. Yeah. I think I ended up with 12 books and 1 DVD. Oops. I think I won't open some of the packages when they come - I'll let Steve wrap them up for me for Christmas.


m_perfect said...

Way to get what you "need" for Christmas!

OKTownsends said...

You only got 12 books? What are you going to do in January?

crashhanna said...

More books!

Beth Adams said...

That is exactly what I do when Mark leaves town. He's always afraid to leave. Last time I just painted a room. I like the book idea though. They are great company!