Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear family and friends,

I`m emailing from this place today

Another week is already over. The summer should hopefully be cooling down pretty soon. I mentioned that a typhoon was maybe headed this way but it ended up going through the north part of our mission. I don`t think they`re that big of a deal, they`re yearly things for this part of Japan. I think the season goes until part way through September.

The cockroach war is still ongoing. We found two crawling around over the past week. I also replaced some of the cockroach traps I had out, there were about 8 cockroaches in the 4 traps I threw away. I also put more back out. I cleaned our back porch this morning because it was pretty filthy, I`m hoping if bugs aren`t living on our porch they won`t come in. We have a few ants that come in occasionally. For some reason I don`t understand they seem to like crawling on the tissues in the tissue box. I went to blow my nose but paused to see what the black specks on the tissue were and realized they were ants...

My bike is alright for the most part. I`ve adjusted to not being able to use gears 5 and 6, and not being able to apply much pressure in gear 7, unfortunately I don`t have a gear 8. I just have a really short year left so I may just let it be.

The language is going fine. I obviously have a lot to learn still but I don`t have any really big problems with it.

Are you finding people to teach? What do you spend most of your time doing - contacting, teaching, working with members? It varies from transfer to transfer and area to area. Right now most of our time is spent finding and then teaching and then every once in a while working with members.

How often do the members feed you and do you like the food? About once or twice a month on average. I like the food for the most part. Except for curry, but I eat it when someone serves me some. It`s not really something I want to bother getting used to. I don`t know why but I just don`t like Japanese curry.

Things are going well and I`m doing good. I hope all of you are doing well too.

Well that`s it until next week.

Take care.
Elder West

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