Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Day at the Beach.

I love the beach at Oswald West State Park. Not only do I like the name, I like the hike to the beach, I like the fact that it has flush toilets down near the beach, and I love to watch the surfers not surfing. The water temperature is a tad chilly off the Oregon coast, so all of the surfers (and surfer wannabes) have to don black wetsuits before heading out. A good time was had by all...until they got home and examined their sunburns. Nathan had limited cell phone reception.
Alex and Sterling enjoying the view.

Nathan getting spun around by the tide.

Danny, Ana and Laura....


OKTownsends said...

Where is that beach, it looks familiar but I don't recognize the name? I always make fun of people that can't take the cold water. I'm nice that way. We didn't know any different and really if the water's warm it still makes me wonder.

crashhanna said...

That beach is between Cannon Beach and Tillamook. Closer to Cannon Beach. I'm with you with the warm water. It just seems wrong. When you step into surf your feet should cramp up a little bit, then go numb.